The Best Bingo Cards

A most essential item of playing bingo are bingo cards. Based on the two game variants of bingo, there are two classifications of bingo cards: 75-ball bingo cards and 90-ball bingo cards.

75-ball bingo cards have 5x5 numbered grids. Of the 25 squares, only 24 are numbered. The middle space is referred to as free space. On top of each card are letters BINGO, with the first column corresponding to B, the second column to I, and so on and so forth.

90-ball cards, on the other hand, are 3x9 grid cards. That is, every card has 3 rows intercrossing 9 columns. Each row has only 5 spaces with numbers such that, every 90-ball bingo card has a total of only 15 numbered spaces.

Though hard cards are more expensive than bingo papers, they can be used again and again. These cards are also designed for convenience and functionality. Shutter cards, for instance, allow you to mark a number without using a dauber or bingo chips. After a game, you can just shake the card and it is ready for another round of bingo. There are also hard cards with enlarged prints to allow people with visual impairment to see the numbers. Some cards are also specifically designed with raised prints to let visually challenged persons to participate in the game.

Another variety are bingo papers. Bingo papers are more economical than hard cards. You can buy a thousand sheets for just about $10 and even less. Bingo papers are ideal for bingo parties where you expect a large number of players and dozens of game rounds. Some bingo papers are also sold in pads, with as many as 12 papers per pad.

Some bingo papers are also designed to function like shutter cards. This variety is a little more expensive than the plain bingo papers. But since the numbers of these cards can be easily pushed out or folded, you get to save on daubers and markers. Shutter cards can also be used again and again.

Though there are available bingo papers for commercial bingo halls, some bingo papers are restricted to picnics, small parties, or non-commercial bingo games. Manufacturers of such bingo papers put a warning that some papers might be duplicates. Before buying bingo papers, check out the label first for restrictions.

Custom cards allow you to change the face of bingo cards. Instead of numbers, for instance, you may put faces of heroes or Hollywood personalities. You may substitute BINGO with letters of your pet's name, your favorite place, and just anything you can think of. You may go for themed design like Sleeping Beauty characters or WWF personalities.

Whether you're a bingo-game organizer, a regular bingo player or a bingo lover, bingo cards are varied to suit all your purposes. Whether it's 90-ball or 75-ball bingo cards you're looking for, whether it's quality or quantity you're after, whether it's for travel games or for educational purposes, just check your local store or browse online stores for the kind of bingo cards you need.