• A History of Bingo - From Lotto to Beanie to Bingo - Bingo is perhaps the second oldest form of gambling - only second to lottery. In fact, the history of Bingo began from its ancient lottery roots - in Italy. It spread throughout Europe until it reached the United States. From Lotto it became Beano and then Bingo. From carnivals to churches to nations to the web. How did it all happen?
  • Bingo Names to Choose from - Not only humans have nicknames. Your favorite Bingo game has more than dozens, too. If you are serious about playing the game, it matters a lot if you know these nicknames.
  • Bingo and Your Brain: Why the Game is Good for You - Our brain is a highly complex organ that deteriorates as soon as we stop using it, pretty much like the rest of the organs in our body. Playing games that stimulate and keep our brains active are only some of the ways through which we can keep our minds fit and stave off the effects of mental decline.
  • Bingo: Origins and History of The Game of Beans - Bingo was created in Italy and rose to popularity in France and all throughout Europe. Now it is a popular game known by everyone all over the globe, and it is very likely that bingo is here to stay.
  • Considering the Security of Online Bingo Sites - Online bingo sites place an emphasis on the security of your personal information. They utilize 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) technology to protect their data.
  • Hitting It Big With Bingo - Bingo is such a fun game that many have now considered playing bingo for profit. If one does decide to play for cash, they have to be prepared to hit it big!
  • Improve Your Winning Chances with Online Bingo - Despite playing online bingo games being a matter of luck, the winning chances from playing a bingo game can be enhanced by knowing certain factors that can affect the quality of the player's bingo gaming activities.
  • Some Bingo Playing Tips - Some would play bingo just for fun and others would play it for the prizes and winnings. Whatever is your reason for playing, learning some basic tips could really help you enjoy your game more.
  • The Best Bingo Cards - There are a wide variety of bingo cards including shutter cards, bingo papers, and hard cards. There are also bingo cards for players with visual difficulties. Learn more about the different varieties of bingo cards, their functions, advantages, and more.
  • The Boom in Online Bingo Sites - The popularity of online bingo has grown over the years. It provides people with a convenient way of enjoying online bingo.
  • The Newbie's Guide to Online Bingo - If you're new to online bingo there are only a few things that you needs to know before you can start enjoying the game. But if you want to get the most out of the game the first time, try reading books and asking around for advice from veteran players. That way your first online bingo game will be a game to remember.
  • The Role of Bingo Patterns - Bingo patterns are guides in which players must be keen about in order to win the game. It is the determinant of a winner once a particular player have matches the numbers to the given pattern.
  • Understanding Bingo Terms and Definitions - Someone who has never been around Bingo players will be confounded by the language and terms they use. Before participating in an actual game, a review of the common Bingo terms may be helpful.
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